After Electro Electric

After Electro Electric

Inspired by the cult show « Paris last ». After electro electric is a digital program sponsored by Hyundai and broadcast on social networks. Tournée de nuit , Frédéric taddeî led by Deborah grunwald , travels thoughts Paris by night to meet an electro musician from the French scene.

6 nights, 6 episodes of the electro electric after party, which represents a total of 20 formats and 4 live facebook. 6 different vehicles transformed into a multi-camera studio have welcomed electro artists like fakear , Gordons or kid francsecoli. Organizing unprecedented meetings with renowned engineers such as Bertrand picard (designer of the « solar impulse » solar plane.) 4 private concerts have been made possible in exceptional places such as the museum of arts and crafts or the fratellini academy.

Nov 2020
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